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Large fluctuations in weight, aging, and hereditary conditions may cause skin on the upper arm to sag. While exercise can help build muscle in your arm, it can decrease the amount of fat in the arm causing excess skin.


An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a procedure that removes excess skin from the armpit to the elbow, resulting in a more defined, contoured upper arm shape. During an arm lift, an incision is made along the upper arm and the underlying tissue is tightened and reshaped. The length and placement of the incision depends on the amount and location of excess skin being removed. Your surgeon will provide you with the best methods and options for an arm lift during your consult.


Recovery time varies among individuals, but patients are expected to reach a full recovery in 3-4 weeks after surgery.


When to consider an arm lift:

  • • Sagging skin on the upper arm causes discomfort

  • • Amount of sagging skin cannot be fixed by diet and exercise

  • • Healthy weight is maintained


Other cosmetic procedures that may be performed with an arm lift include:

  • • Liposuction


General info:

  • • Performed under sedation or general anesthesia

  • • Outpatient procedure